A Raving Good Wedding – Hannah & Delroy

Photography By Stefanie

A couple for stoeln moments with Mr & Mrs Ireson A couple of stolen moments with Mr & Mrs Ireson

We first met Hannah & Delroy on a cold winter’s evening in Oxfordshire.  As they described their love of rave and dancehall, some of the ‘characters’ on the invites list and their plans for a DJ with the sort of sound system you’d be more likely to see at St Paul’s Carnival than your average wedding, it quickly became apparent that this was a day we’d thoroughly enjoy shooting and one that would provide a rich crop of both romantic and hilarious photographs. 

 July 19th rolled around quickly and we set off bright and early.  I dropped hubby David off close to Oxford city centre so that he could meet Delroy, his 2 sons and 2 close friends at the hotel, whilst I set off to The Westwood Hotel just outside of Oxford to photograph Hannah getting ready. 

Delroy's son playing it cool! Delroy’s son playing it cool

Boys have fun getting ready for the wedding Boys have…

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